Tea Buying

I absolutely love tea. It is no secret that it is an obsession of mine. I have recently started selling some of my favorite teas, this is where you can learn more about what I have available and how to place an order.


I have been asked so many times where I buy my teas and for recommendations on which teas to buy, that I decided I would start ordering more than I need for myself when I buy teas that I love and keep a running price list that people who are interested can check out and buy teas through.

I don't want to run a tea business, but I do want to share teas that I have special access to from farmers or wholesalers that I love and trust with people that want them.


The list is tiny right now, and heavily curated, and quaniteas are super limited for now, but as I gauge the demand I will buy more and add people to a

wait-list/pre-order teas if necessary.


I can't recommend these teas enough, I will only sell teas that I drink regularly and love.

Let me know if you have any questions and if you want to place an order.